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When it comes to black and white copiers and multi-functional products, Copystar copier provide the industry’s most comprehensive line of award-winning low to high volume copiers. These fully featured Copystar copiers can be upgraded with optional print, scan and fax functions that improve the workflow and efficiency of any size business. Copystar copier provides a wide range of printing solutions that meet individual user needs. With Copystar digital copier you can have your documents can be shared, archived and retrieved easily. You may appreciate Copystar copiers for their simplicity and dependability. Copystar copy machines offer many solutions that cost less than most other copier brands.

Cost per copy on a Copystar copier is very reasonable and affordable if you have a high volume of copying. Copystar offers wireless imaging solutions that extend your network reach, helps control costs and maximizes network flexibility. Copystar copiers and printers have been honored by numerous industry analysts for its high performance, network reliability and low total cost of ownership. Copystar copy machines are reliable and very easy to use for any size business. All Copystar copiers come standard with 3 months onsite manufacturer warranty.  Make your next office copier a reliable Copystar copier CS-2050 and see the difference. Don't forget to ask your representatives how you can get a special price on a Copystar copiers today!

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Copystar Digital Copier - CS1500
Copystar CS-1500 Copier, CS1500 Copier
The Copystar CS1500 is a Desktop Digital Copier with Standard 250 Sheet Paper Drawer and 50 Sheet Multipurpose Tray, 16MB Memory for Scan Once Print Many and Electronic Sort. Optional 50 Sheet Document Processor and 250 Sheet Paper Drawer can also be added.

Copystar Digital Copier
Copystar CS-1620 Copier, CS1620
Copystar CS-1620 Copier is a desktop Digital Copier with Standard 300 Sheet Paper Drawer. Plus Copystar CS-1620 Copier has 50 Sheet Multi-Purpose Tray, 32MB Memory for Scan Once Print Many and Electronic Sorter. Copystar CS-1620 Copier duplex unit and Paper Handling. Copystar CS-1620 Copier auto magnification and Paper Select are standard.

Copystar Digital Copier - CS1650
Copystar CS-1650 Copier, CS1650
Desktop Digital Multifunctional with Standard Network Print and Interface. Copystar copier CS-1650 comes standard with 300 Sheet Paper Drawer and 50 Sheet bypass. Optional 50 Sheet Document Processor, Duplex, Paper Handling and Internal Finisher. Also Copystar CS1650 has an optional Scanning and Fax, Network

Copystar Digital Copier - CS1810
Copystar CS-1815 Copier, CS1815, Mita KM-1815
Copystar CS1815 prints at 18 copies per minute, the Copystar cs-1815 is a great multifunction copier for any small office. The Copystar cs-1815 comes standard as a copier, printer and scanner! Capable of handling 15,000 per month, it is the most productive copier in the world for small to mid-size companies. The maximum paper weight for the Copystar 1815 is 90 pounds! Index cards are a breeze! Want scan to e-mail? No problem for the Copystar CS-1815! How about standard networking to your computer? Again-No problem for the Copystar CS 1815!

Copystar Digital Copier - CS2020
Copystar CS-2020 Copier, CS2020
Copystar CS-2020 copier prints at 20 Page Per Minute with standard 300 Sheet Paper Drawer and 50 Sheet bypass tray. Standard Scan Once Print Many and Electronic Sort. Optional 50 Sheet Document Processor, Stackless Duplex and up to 3 x 300 Sheet Paper Drawers.

Copystar Copier - CS2030
Copystar CS-2030 Copier, CS2030
20 PPM Small Workgroup Multifunctional System  Max Monthly Duty Cycle: 30,000  |  Resolution: Copy: 600 x 600 dpi Print: Fast 1200 dpi  |  Speed: 20 PPM
  • Drum Unit (100K Yield)
  • 11" X 17" Paper Size
  • 8 MB printer memory standard 
  • 2 x 250-sheet user-adjustable paper cassette
  • 50-sheet Stack Bypass
  • Requires Toner & Developer

Copystar Digital Copier - CS2050
Copystar CS-2050 Copier, CS2050
The Copystar CS-2050 is a Desktop Digital Multifunctional with Standard Network Print and Interface. The Copystar 2050 copier comes Standard with 300 x 2 Paper Drawers and 50 Sheet multi-purpose bypass with  Optional 50 Sheet Document feeder. You want more? The Copystar CS 2050 can also add  Duplex, Paper Handling and Internal Stapler Finisher. The Copystar CS 2050 Copier can also add Optional Scanning and Fax, Network Fax! The Copystar CS-2050 copier is truly an awesome copier with terrific features and priced to sell.

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